Another Bunny Gets a Home!!

Ok, not even sure what his name is, you'll have to fill us in Ali! A Rex that recently came in from the New Haven area was adopted today! So quick I didn't even get to know him! Rags is going to be started on some super powered glucocimine (sp?) shots next week - we have never tried them before - to see if we can't get somewhere with him. Brandee


Mandy gets adopted!!

Ok, Mandy got adopted today! YAY! She is a little black and white lion-head that came in from Mandy at Cottontail Rabbit Rescue. See Linda, there is a reason you are home sick! Just kidding! Just had to mention - I think I posted when I gave birth to my son in October that the nurse in the room during delivery is the sister - in -law to a woman that helps to run 3 bunnies rabbit rescue... small world! So Katie, my 2 year old, just started preschool on Wed. Her teacher Miss. Jen called me to let me know how my friends daughter was doing (long story) and said "I just remember where I know you from! You are Brandee with Hop-A-Long Hollow, right?" She also works for Linda Howard who owns Linda's Doggie Salon here in Stratford. We have done several rescues with Linda. Soooo Funny! Just glad I feel I'm starting to get back into the swing of things a bit! We have feet, not inches, of snow, and it's a beautiful week. Be careful to all! Brandee :o)


Linda Sick, Rags not well...

Well, Linda was sent home from the airport by her husband and crawled into bed for 3 days. She's still not 100% but will hopefully still be joining him in Florida by weeks end. Feel better oh great bunny lady! I'm currently bonding Kia and Marly back together, she had her eye removed and is doing great! Rags, one of my most favorite buns to ever come into the Hollow, is going down hill so fast. He has horrible Arthritis that just hit so hard that it looks like he has a splayed back leg now. We are certain he won't be with us much longer. We also have Oliver and Rosie too that are just off, so they are under careful watch.

It's amazing how all of the volunteers have once again pulled together to make sure the Hollow is covered again - I personally want to thank everyone! THANK YOU! I will be going away at the end of Feb. and have Ali and Kristine doing shots for me, so want to say thanks to them too! THANKS! Will try to get some pictures the next time I'm down. All bondings going pretty well so far! Brandee

P.S. Just wanted to say Thanks to one of my Awesome Friends Mindy Coman for her and fiance' Rob providing us with SO MANY PAPERS!!! And on a continuous basis, and Flyer Free! Thanks guys!!


Linda away??? 3 Bondings!

Believe it or not, Linda is going away! Ok, working vacation, but she's actually getting on a plane! I'm wondering if she will ever come back! Went to clean today - we are going to try to have Marley and Kia put back together. They have been separated in cages next to each other due to Kia's eye removal. I did 3 bondings last week, Dixie and Woodstock, 2 black female rabbits adopted at separate times from the Westport Humane Society, and Winter (who just lost bond-mate Licorice) with Lucky. Just exciting as all seems well so far and 3 bunnies got homes last week! Skylar, our severe head-tilt bunny, is more than likely being adopted - maybe even today - by a family that called actually looking to take in a special needs bunny! YAY! Hopefully that goes well! Brandee


Bondings and such... Goodbye Licorice...

Well, I have started back with bondings and cleaning 2 days at the Hollow. Right now I have Ali's infamous Dixie - the Flemish beauty (my favorite breed) as her bond mate Jellybean passed a couple of weeks ago. Not going so well, so going to swap for a new bunny today. A woman from Wspt. adopted from the Humane Society last year, and they fell in love with another bunny yesterday, both girls, and they will be getting dropped for a bond attempt later today. Don't have the best of luck with same sex bonds, but the younger is 4 months and spayed, so perhaps her hormones haven't kicked in yet. All is crazy here, lack of sleep, etc... Down at the Hollow, even crazier! Thank goodness for the come back of a couple of volunteers (thanks Greer!) and the adoptions and bondings we have going on. One thing strange is the amount of eye removals we are having - yes - eye removals! A woman brought her sick bunny in last month that's eye actually burst (ewwww!) and was removed. Feather had an eye issue upon coming in and had hers removed. Kya's just got removed last week because of an abscess in the eye ball (so wild looking) and now it looks as though Athena's may be coming out as well. When it rains, it pours. South Wilton is getting lots of rabbit experience from us! Linda got a call from South Wilton the other day that Licorice had passed away. Her bond mate Winter will be coming in soon for a new bond mate. Well, I'm actually packing up the kids to go down and clean, let my daughter Katie play with Linda's grandson Logan (who is going to be a big brother in July!!) so maybe some more news later! Don't forget to check our website at www.hopalonghollow.org for updates on adoptable bunnies and other small animals! Brandee :o)


Good Bye Jelly Bean and Mr. Magoo...

Ali - a Blog contributor, went home yesterday to find her bunny Jelly-Bean, bonded to Flemish Dixie, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. So sorry to hear Ali. Mr. Magoo's owners also called to let us know he had passed away. Snow White, Magoo's bond-mate, is visiting the Hollow this week, so we got to say Hi. She is the sister to my rabbit Cinderella and Ali's bunny Flash. They all turned 4 years old yesterday. Their parents, Steve and Shayla, are still, after 4 years, looking for a home.

Linda is very sick, and having Asthma on top of it has been really hard. I cleaned today and Tuesday at the Hollow, kids in tow! Due to the weather and illness there has been quite a few volunteer cancellations that couldn't be at a worse time for Linda health wise. She will keep on chugging though, she always pulls through. The Christmas Eve volunteer party was very nice, according to Linda! I never made it down this year, I had family up from Georgia. I don't know what else to report right now other than a few sick rabbits, such as Licorice who is bonded to Winter and a few others that have been adopted out. Plenty of Bunnies for adoption - visit us on the web at www.hopalonghollow.org! Happy Holidays! Brandee


Good Bye Cadbury...

Well, we lost Cadbury, a beautiful NZW that had been staying at the Hollow for some time now. He came in from the Catskill Game farm a few years back. We have so much going on down at the Hollow right now, I will have to interview Linda to get a good update. We have a beautiful calendar on sale for the Holidays that was made by one of our volunteers who is no longer able to help with our group, nice guy, will be missed terribly! We have our Christmas letter that has gone out as a fundraiser. Linda is hosting a party for the volunteers this year, which is usually a party for all to attend, but it's been a very long year all around so we are keeping it short and sweet. Linda's daughter is expecting her second child, and my second just turned two months yesterday. Linda has been up to her ears in sick or injured rabbits and trying to help others with theirs. Feather had her eye removed, there is a new head-tilt bunny, a whole new slew of medicine rabbits... Well, just wanted to say hello and wish everyone a happy holiday season and to say Good bye to Cadbury. Such a feisty little guy! We will be getting settled and hopefully get going on our Easter fundraisers shortly after the beginning of the year. Anyone that is able to volunteer that lives in the area, we would love to have a comedic person to wear the bunny suit for photos this year! Have a very Merry Christmas! Brandee